Rice River Farms New Product Line!

Rice River Farms is Back!!!

Offer your customers four savory wild rice blends that are easy to prepare,

serve hearty portions and can be used in soups, salads, stuffing or as a side!


Rice Rice Farms New Product Line

We're back...

Last season we discontinued our line of Rice River Farms® retail blends to focus on Chieftain's wholesale line of products. During that time, many of our loyal customers contacted us requesting that we continue to offer our retail line. After much consideration we have brought back four of our top flavors in new resealable packages. 

  • Festival Blend... Dry Roasted Wild Rice, White Rice, Sweetened Dried Cranberries and Slivered Blanched Almonds with a Maple Apple Seasoning Packet.
  • Calico Blend... Dry Roasted Wild Rice, Brown Rice, Wehani Red Rice and Wheat Berries with a Chicken Flavored Seasoning Packet.
  • Northwoods Blend... Dry Roasted Wild Rice, Brown Rice, Wehani Red Rice and chunks of Carrots, Celery and Red Bell Peppers with a Chicken Flavored Seasoning Packet. 
  • Rustic Meadow... Dry Roasted Wild Rice, White Rice, Israeli Couscous, Toasted Orzo Pasta, Black Quinoa and Split Green Peas with a Vegetarian Seasoning Packet. 

Ordering is easy; just give us a call and identify yourself as a

Rice River Farms Customer and we will assist you in placing your order. 

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you again. 




  • 24 units per case
  • Cost is $3.60 per unit; $86.40 per case of 24 units
  • Mix and match flavors within your case
  • Free UPS Ground Delivery
  • Nutritional and cooking instructions on label
  • Orders placed on a call-in basis or email us at info@chieftainwildrice.com




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