Rice River Farms® is the retail division of Chieftain® Wild Rice Company.

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Our  Products fit best in Specialty Food and Gourmet Shops, Meat and Seafood Markets and Natural Food Stores.



Minnesota Premium Dry Roasted Wild Rice®

Contains: 100% Dry Roasted ® Minnesota Wild Rice.

Our wild rice is grown in Aitkin, Minnesota and is Dry Roasted giving it a luxurious nutty flavor that will enhance any entrée, soup or salad. Specially processed to give it an extraordinary high yield and consistent cook time, our wild rice is an economical addition to any meal. Makes 5 – 51/2 cups of rice.


0 2834303180 2 Box Color ~ Dark Green 





Calico Blend with Chicken Seasoning


Contains: Dry Roasted Wild Rice®, Par-Boiled Brown Rice, Wehani Rice, and Wheat Berries with a Chicken Flavored Seasoning Packet.

With whole grains becoming a more prominent feature in healthy diets today, our Calico Blend with its rich, hearty texture and flavor is the perfect fit! Offering a variety of wild, brown and red rice with wheat berries, this blend, with its deep hues compliments salads, soups, stews, stuffing, and stir-fry. Use as a side dish option for any darker meat entrees. This package makes 4 – 41/2 cups of cooked rice.

 0 2834303183 3 Box Color ~ Brown




Country Harvest Rice Blend with Vegetarian Seasoning

Contains: Par-Boiled White Rice, Dry Roasted® Wild Rice, Carrots and Celery with a Vegetarian Seasoning Packet.

This white and wild blend is complimented by savory chunks of celery and carrots. Customers will find it unique as a sumptuous side dish or delicious as the main stay in a stir-fry. This blend has a vegetarian seasoning that makes it a perfect choice for retailers catering to those with special gluten free, vegan and vegetarian diets. An easy offering for dinner specials with chicken or shrimp. Create a “Country Basket” using the Country Harvest as your anchor product! This package makes 5 – 51/2 cups of cooked rice.

0 2834303181 9 Box Color ~ Orange





Festival Medley Rice Blend with Maple Apple Seasoning


Contains: Sweetened Dried Cranberries, Par-Boiled White Rice, Blanched Slivered Almonds, and Dry Roasted Wild Rice® with a Maple/Apple Seasoning Packet.

Imagine the contrast of this striking blend; plump, tangy cranberries combined with the delicate sweetness of Maple Apple Seasoning. The ruby colored cranberries make this rice dish a delectable choice for stuffed pork, a bedding for wild game or stuffing for poultry. Offer Festival Medley with a bottle of Burgundy and a ham for a superb “house warming” gift. Create a maple, cranberry or apple theme basket for your loved ones! A flawless gift for the “hunter” in your house, send a package along with the guys to use with their wild game. Bakeries, orchards and gourmet shops will delight in offering this as a great additive to pancakes, muffins and breads! This package makes 31/2 - 4 cups of cooked rice.

0 2834303186 4 Box Color ~ Burgundy



Midwest Medley Rice Blend with Garlic Peppercorn Seasoning

Contains: Par-Boiled Brown Rice, Dry Roasted Wild Rice®, Pearled Barley, Dried Red Bell Peppers, with a Garlic Peppercorn Seasoning Packet.

A popular, whole grain blend that offers not just color but a zesty garlic peppercorn seasoning. Abundant in color and bold on taste, the Midwest is our newest addition to the Rice River Farms® family of products. The lime green package makes it an attractive addition for seasonal themes. Use in your favorite salad recipe in the deli as well as offering it to your retail customers. Display it on top of the meat case as a wonderful addition to beef, pork, chicken, lamb, veal and wild game. Use in baskets for a unique “Midwest” theme. This package makes 4 cups cooked rice.

0 2834303187 1 Box Color ~ Lime Green





Northwoods Blend with Chicken Seasoning

Contains: Par-Boiled Brown Rice, Dry Roasted Wild Rice®, Carrots, Celery and Red Bell Peppers with Chicken Flavored Seasoning Packet.

Enjoy the taste sensation of Northwoods, a whole grain and gluten free blend. Northwoods Blend has nutritious wild and brown rice mixed with colorful chunks of carrots, celery and red bell pepper. Compliment by a savory chicken flavored seasoning this wholesome blend is perfect for stir-fry, wraps, and soups and stuffing. This package makes 41/2 - 5 cups of cooked rice.

0 2834303189 5 Box Color ~ Watermelon






Rustic Meadow Rice Blend with Vegetarian Seasoning

Contains: Par-boiled White Rice, Dry Roasted Wild Rice®, Black Quinoa, Split Green Peas, Toasted Orzo Pasta, and Couscous with a Vegetarian Seasoning Packet.

Rustic Meadow unites wholesome pasta, legumes and grains with the nutty flavor of our wild rice for a result that’s rich in texture and color. Delicious and easy to prepare for cold summer salads and a healthy alternative to potatoes for grilled meats, fish and seafood! Makes 4 to 41/2 cups of cooked rice.

0 2834303188 8 Box Color ~ Yellow






 Sienna Medley Rice Blend with Vegetarian Seasoning

Contains: Jasmine Rice, Par-Boiled White Rice, Par-Boiled Brown Rice, Dry Roasted Wild Rice®, Chile Orzo, Lemon Orzo and Red Bell Peppers with a Vegetarian Seasoning Packet.

A multitude of flavors and textures comprise this striking blend of wild rice, brown rice, white and Jasmine rice, lemon garlic orzo, red chile orzo and chunks of red bell pepper. Complimented by a vegetarian seasoning, our Sienna Medley is picture perfect as bedding for fish and seafood. Create a grab and go meal by adding cooked Sienna Medley to cream cheese and spinach and stuffing a chicken breast or pork loin. This package makes 41/2 - 5 cups of rice.

0 2834303190 1 Box Color ~ Pumpkin





Effective 4/15/2015        *Our facility is not certified Gluten Free