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Exciting New Products just in time for Winter!

Cool winds, snow showers and nights with temperatures below freezing are reminders that winter is coming or in some areas already here! Our thoughts turn to cozy blankets, fuzzy slippers and foods that warm the body and soul. With that in mind we have introduced several new products that will give you or your customers, that nice, cuddly feeling. 

Our new Wild Rice Lumberjack Soup, is a rich savory blend that will warm you up inside and out, whether you're eating out or cooking in! It's available for home consumers, retail and food service businesses

For those who are mushrooms lovers, we have our new Mushroom Fusion Wild Rice BlendLiterally loaded with mushrooms, this blend is perfect as a side dish, a base for a soup or stir-fry or used as stuffing for your favorite protein. Perfect with a thick steak and salad. 

Let the cold weather come... we're ready!