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Simple and Elegant Wild Rice Blends for Mother's Day & Spring Menus

Shown below... Autumn Harvest Wild Rice Blend                    View our Wild Rice Products.

Autumn Harvest Blend

Simple and stylish, wild rice caters to even the most discriminating palate; with two styles of Dry Roasted Wild Rice and 16 different handcrafted Wild Rice Blends to choose from, you can compliment everything from salmon and seafood to wild game and poultry.

From dark and hearty to light and fluffy, some with fruit and nuts, others with pasta or grains and some with just the wholesome goodness of rice… we have something for everyone including gluten free!

Design a salad ~ Create a Soup ~ Stuff a Vegetable

Think outside the box… the possibilities are endless!


Meatballs ~ Pancakes ~ Wraps ~ Quiche ~ Pizza~ Breads

Specialty Burgers & Brats ~ Stuffing ~ Breakfast Cereal

Meatloaf ~ Pico De Gallo ~ Foccacia Bread ~ Dip ~ Muffins ~ Risotto

Stuffed Peppers ~ Spinach Balls ~ Stir Fry


Visit our Recipe Sections online at for recipe ideas…


Amber Wild Rice Blend ~ Sienna Medley Wild Rice Blend

Amber Wild Rice BlendSienna Medley Rice Blend