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GREEN BANANA FLOUR - Organic/Kosher/Gluten Free

Green Banana Flour, Organic
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GREEN BANANA FLOUR - Organic/Kosher/Gluten Free



Chieftain's Green Banana Flour is made from organic green bananas that are peeled, cut, dried, and finely ground. Banana Flour is a great gluten-free substitute for wheat flour and is versatile due to its subtle flavor, light texture, and high resistant starch content. It will blend seamlessly into any recipe that calls for wheat flour and requires less volume than wheat flour; replace 1 cup wheat flour with only 3/4 cup of Organic Green Banana Flour. 


Organic green banana.


Recommended Preparation Instructions:

Use in baking to replace wheat flour, using 3/4 cup Green Banana Flour to 1 cup wheat flour or as desired.