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  • Figs are one of the oldest know fruits in the world.
  • Figs were known as the “Poor man’s food.”
  • Dried Figs are high in fiber, iron and minerals.
  • Fig trees can grow to a height of over 100 feet tall!
  • Figs are the fruit mentioned most often in the Bible.
  • Figs have mild laxative qualities.
  • Figs produce protein-digesting enzymes that break down muscle and connective tissue in meat, making them an excellent tenderizer as well as flavor-enhancer.
  • When chopping dried figs by hand with knife or scissors, dip cutting implement into warm water occasionally to prevent sticking.
  • If dried figs seem hard or too dry, they can be soaked, steamed or poached to restore moisture. Use wine or juice!
  • Dried figs can be used interchangeably with prunes, dried apricots, and dates in most recipes.
  • 1 # dried figs = 44 whole figs ~ 1 # dried figs= 3 cups chopped.