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Gluten Free Penne Pasta!


Chieftain’s New Gluten Free 

Penne Pasta

Enjoy the bold flavor and exceptional hold of our gluten free pasta! 

Gluten Free Spinach Garlic Penne ~ Gluten Free Plain Penne ~ Gluten Free Lemon Pepper Penne

 Gluten Free Spinach Garlic Penne PastaGluten Free Plain Penne PastaGluten Free Lemon Garlic Penne Pasta

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Chef's recognize the growing interest in gluten free products for both clients that require a special diet and for those who prefer more health conscious choices. While recognizing the demand for gluten free selections, some chefs have resisted the use of these products as many on the market today fail to meet their high expectations for flavor, texture and consistency.

Chieftain can help chefs offer seasonal variety to their menu without sacrificing quality. With over 400 products to choose from, chefs can find many alternative selections for planning menus.

Our latest addition of Gluten Free Pasta can hold its own under the most intense scrutiny of discerning chefs when evaluating flavor, consistent cook time, hold and texture. To learn more about these products, please visit us online or give us a call.  



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