Hickory Smoked Almonds have a delicate smoky flavor


Almonds are the fruit of a deciduous tree grown primarily in California as well as the Mediterranean, Australia and South Africa. Instead of growing a sweet fleshy pulp around the seed, Almonds ... more
Marcona Almonds


Marcona Almonds are the fruit of the Almond Tree which is grown primarily in Spain.  This Almond is heart shaped and considered to be one of the finest quality almonds in the world!  Marcona ... more
Sliced Almonds

ALMONDS, SLICED - Kosher/Gluten Free

TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE - No ETA at this time    The responsibility to provide a wide spectrum of menus supporting foods that are healthy, quick and convenient falls on food service ... more
Whole Almonds

ALMONDS, WHOLE - Kosher/Gluten Free

The Almond tree is native to North Africa, West Asia and the Mediterranean but now are grown primarily in California. Almonds are known as nuts but are botanically a fruit, the ancestor of fruits that ... more
Whole Cashews Roasted & Salted


The Cashew tree is a native of South America, but in the 16 th Century the Portuguese introduced it to East African colonies and India. Cashew nuts come from a kidney-shaped appendage that grows out ... more
Whole Chestnuts

CHESTNUTS, WHOLE - Kosher/Gluten Free

Chestnuts date back to prehistoric times. Wild chestnuts are common all over S. Europe, especially Italy, Corsica, S France and Spain. The Chestnut tree can live up to five hundred years and usually ... more
Jumbo Corn Nuts

CORN NUTS, JUMBO - Kosher/Gluten Free

Don't let the name mislead you, Corn Nuts are not really nuts. This wonderfully crunchy snack is actually a large kernel of corn that has been soaked in water for about three days and then fried to a ... more
Peeled Hazelnuts

HAZELNUTS, PEELED - Kosher/Gluten Free

Hazelnuts are also called Filberts and are grown in clusters on the Hazel Tree in temperate zones around the world. The Hazelnut has a fuzzy outer husk that opens when ripe exposing a smooth hard ... more
Macadamia Nuts

MACADAMIA NUTS - Kosher/Gluten Free

These cream colored, buttery flavored Macadamia Nuts are the perfect addition to any chefs recipe. Macadamia trees were first cultivated in Australia in the 19th century by a chemist after whom the ... more
Pecan Halves

PECAN HALVES - Kosher/Gluten Free

Pecans can be traced back to the 16th century. Pecans are the only major tree nut that grows naturally in North America and is considered one of the most valuable North American nut ... more
Pine Nuts

PINE NUTS - Kosher/Gluten Free

Pine Nuts have been a delicacy in many cuisines for centuries. The eating of Pine Nuts dates back to ancient Greek and Roman times when they were commonly preserved in honey. Common as a food for ... more
Shelled Raw Pistachios


Pistachios are native to Central and Western Asia. They were brought to Rome in the 1st Century on the trade route from Syria. Pistachios grow on trees which average twenty feet in height. The trees ... more
English Walnuts

WALNUTS, ENGLISH - Kosher/Gluten Free

English Walnuts are one of the mostly widely used nuts in cooking. The English Walnut is the fruit of the Walnut Tree. This tree grows in temperate zones and produces a wrinkled two-lobed seed with a ... more